Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have the logo customized?

We can customize your logo with whatever colors you want as well as change the text. For example, the Huntington Spartans logo can be changed to Frederick Spartans or Frederick Warriors... Whenever the text is changed it will retain the same font style as the sample logos shown on our website.

Logo customization requires purchasing the Gold Package.

What is the process when I order a logo?


Once your payment is confirmed you will receive an email containing several questions for the information we need to customize the colors and text in your logo. After receiving your response you will receive a proof to look at within one business day. After the logos are approved an email with a  zipped folder which will contain the files for your logo in EPS, JPG, and PNG formats.


After payment is confirmed you will receive an email with a zipped folder containing the EPS files for the logo you ordered.


You will need to have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer in order to open and edit the files or hire a graphic designer to do the editing for you. The fonts in the logo design are not in an editable format that can simply be typed over to change the text. Knowledge of design and vector graphics will be helpful if you plan on editing the logo yourself.

What file formats do you provide?


This is the primary format that you will send out for any high quality printing for things like helmet decals, embroidery… EPS files can be scaled as large as needed with no loss of image quality.



This is what is typically used in web and digital applications. This format is supported by popular programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.



This is another format for use on web and digital applications and is also supported by Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. PNG files have transparent backgrounds for use with applications which support that format.

How can I edit the logo myself?

Editing the logo will require you to have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer. The text in the logos provided are not in an editable format which you can simply type new text over. Another option would be to hire your own graphic designer to help you with editing the logo.


Can I Copyright the logo?

You can not Copyright the logo. Firebrand Sports Logos retains the rights to the logos. You receive the rights to use the logo as long as you want and for any application that you want to use the logo for. The only thing you can't do with the logo is resell / transfer the rights for the logo or give it away for other teams or organizations to use.




Firebrand sports logos

Firebrand Sports Logos takes the guesswork out of the design process by providing affordable high quality, ready made sports logos for schools, youth sports teams, and universities.

Don't have a designer to customize your logo? We can assist you with customizing your logo colors and team name.


*Purchase of Gold Package required for logo customization.

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